What is One Sitting Graduation Means?

Candidates who have discontinued the I & II year (even fail or pass) of the courses from the colleges of this University or from any other university are considered for admissions respectively to the II & III year in Shobhit University. The courses in the same of some other branch or other faculty. This exemption is subject to the conditions that they have to appear for the examinations conducted by the University and have to pass all the subject of the entire course. They have to pay the fee for the whole course.

10th / 12th Fail Do Graduation from UGC & DEC Approved University

If you are School Fail or dropout students then you can also do graduation from UGC & DEC Recognized University. You can do graduation after completing 6 month’s Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme from the concerned University.

The Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme is launched for educating the adults deprived of 10+2 qualification and aspiring for further studies and Bachelor’s degrees like (B.A. and B.Com.). The details of the programme is as follows:

Eligibility: No requirement of any academic qualification. Students of 18 years or more who can read and write are Eligible to get admission in this course.

FAQ About BPP !!!

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